A Study on Ultraviolet Protection of 100% Cotton Knitted Fabric: Effect of Fabric Parameters

CW Kan


Prospective Engineering Applications of Dynamic Transfer Processes Possessing with the Self-organized Fractal Interfaces

Aliaksandr Yurievich Alevanau, Olgerd Pavlovich Kuznechik and Oleksandr Ivanovych Vyhoniailo


Mechanically Assisted Low-Temperature Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons

Aliaksandr Yurievich Alevanau, Oleksandr Ivanovych Vyhoniailo, Olgerd Pavlovich Kuznechik, Pär Jönsson, Mikael Ersson and Efthymios Kantarelis


Kinematics Analysis of a Novel Five-Degree-of-Freedom Spatial Parallel Micromanipulator

Daniel Prusak, Konrad Kobus, and Grzegorz Karpiel