General Bulk-Viscous Solutions and Estimates of Bulk Viscosity in the Cosmic Fluid

Ben David Normann and Iver Brevik


Network Entropy for the Sequence Analysis of Functional Connectivity Graphs of the Brain

Chi Zhang, Fengyu Cong, Tuomo Kujala, Wenya Liu, Jia Liu, Tiina Parviainen and Tapani Ristaniemi


From Identity to Uniqueness: The Emergence of Increasingly Higher Levels of Hierarchy in the Process of the Matter Evolution

George Mikhailovsky


Mixed Diffusive-Convective Relaxation of a Warm Beam of Energetic Particles in Cold Plasma

Nakia Carlevaro, Alexander V Milovanov, Matteo V Falessi, Giovanni Montani, Davide Terzani and Fulvio Zonca