Transcriptome Comparison Reveals Distinct Selection Patterns in Domesticated and Wild Agave Species, the Important CAM Plants

Xing Huang, Bo Wang, Jingen Xi, Yajie Zhang, Chunping He, Jinlong Zheng, Jianming Gao, Helong Chen, Shiqing Zhang, Weihuai Wu, Yanqiong Liang and Kexian Yi


Integrative miRNA-Gene Expression Analysis Enables Refinement of Associated Biology and Prediction of Response to Cetuximab in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer

Loris De Cecco, Marco Giannoccaro, Edoardo Marchesi, Paolo Bossi, Federica Favales, Laura D Locati, Lisa Licitra, Silvana Pilotti and Silvana Canevari