High-Level Control Algorithm Based on sEMG Signalling for an Elbow Joint SMA Exoskeleton

Dorin Copaci, David Serrano, Luis Moreno and Dolores Blanco


Sensing and Reliability Improvement of Electrostatic-Discharge Transient by Discrete Engineering for High-Voltage 60-V N-Channel Lateral-Diffused MOSFETs with Embedded Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers

Shen-Li Chen and Yi-Cih Wu


Analytical Modelling of a Refractive Index Sensor Based on an Intrinsic Micro Fabry- Perot Interferometer

Ana Dinora Guzman Chavez, Everardo Vargas Rodriguez and Martin Cano Contreras


Detecting Electron Transport of Amino Acids by Using Conductance Measurement

Wei-Qiong Li, Bing Huang, Miao-Ling Huang, Lin-Lu Peng, Ze-Wen Hong, Ju-Fang Zheng, Wen-Bo Chen, Jian-Feng Li and Xiao-Shun Zhou


Genome-Wide SNP Signal Intensity Scanning Revealed Genes Differentiating Cows with Ovarian Pathologies from Healthy Cows

Ricardo Salomón-Torres, Martin F Montaño-Gómez, Rafael Villa- Angulo, Víctor M González-Vizcarra, Carlos Villa-Angulo, Gerardo E Medina-Basulto, Noé Ortiz-Uribe, Padmanabhan Mahadevan and Víctor H Yaurima-Basaldúa